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Many drug and alcohol treatment programs come and go; Promise of Hope Counseling uses a treatment program developed in 1986 by Dr. Peter Butkins, LMFT, MCAP, LMHC, BCC, who is a leader in the field. Our program continues to be updated to stay current with advances in the field. We help those in our community with mental health, addiction, and substance abuse, develop positive behavioral, coping, and life skills to abstain, stop suffering, and successfully re-engage with their families, careers, and society.

While we are 12 step-based, our treatment program is not AA, NA, or Alanon. Promise of Hope Counseling treats the whole person and the many co-occurring issues that can interfere with recovery. Promise of Hope Counseling offers education and real-life tools that address career development, family issues, relapse prevention, and stress management. Treatment is personalized for each individual client. Our holistic methods include meeting the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of the individual.

Our program is JCAHO accredited with a team that is licensed and certified professionals and most importantly, has experience with mental health, family, alcoholism and addiction counseling. Our goal is to help our clients achieve good mental health and freedom from all mood and mind-altering substances leading to a productive and successful life. We truly care about our clients and practice a whole-person approach to help them succeed.

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