Substance Abuse Counseling In Altamonte Springs

For anyone dealing with the realities of addiction and substance abuse, the availability of substance abuse counseling in Altamonte Springs can be a vital lifeline. Counseling is a resource to find a way of understanding why individuals get addicted, the facts about addiction, and the way forward to a sober lifestyle.

The process of counseling will look differently for everyone as each individual has their own reasons for substance abuse issues. The key to a future free from addiction depends on what led them down this path. Operating on an out-patient basis from our Longwood clinic, our service allows patients to get the treatment they need while staying at home and continuing to have a normal life, offering the stability of a routine while providing the key assistance as and when needed.

What Is The Definition of Substance Abuse?

People in need of substance abuse counseling can fall into a number of categories. A substance abuse issue may be someone drinking to excess on a regular basis despite expressing a desire to quit. It could be someone who uses recreational drugs even though the initial buzz has worn off and their habit is now making a normal life impossible.

A problem with substance abuse may not necessarily constitute an addiction, although it certainly has the potential to become one. When addiction has taken hold, a person can begin to feel physically unwell when they have not taken a substance for a certain amount of time. As such, addiction encourages continued use, easing the pain of withdrawal but offering less and less benefit each time.

How Can Someone Identify A Substance Abuse Problem?

A substance abuse problem is hard to credibly hide for long, as there are multiple tell-tale signs that a person would benefit from substance abuse counseling in Altamonte Springs. Aside from the key sign – a need to use the substance on a regular basis to get through the day – there are more than a few others to consider. These may include:

  • Sudden and clear behavioral changes marked by reclusiveness
  • Difficulty in focusing on things where this wasn’t an issue before
  • Increased feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Poor financial management due to overspending on drink or drugs
  • Pronounced mood swings

How Substance Abuse Counseling In Altamonte Springs Can Help

The concept behind substance abuse counseling is to allow patients to identify their problem, to understand it and to then put it in the past where it belongs. This is achieved by multiple forms of counseling, which include:

  • Evaluation: We look into the causes of your addiction or problem, identifying what made you use in the first place and why you continue. We also identify the extent of the problem and forms of treatment that can help you beat it.
  • Group and individual therapy sessions: These offer you the chance to air concerns you have and see the ways in which other patients’ experiences match yours, helping you recognize triggers and behavioral patterns.
  • Relapse prevention: The key to lasting recovery, these sessions help you reorder your life so that you aren’t tempted to use again, and offer a pathway to living free.

Your road to a life without substance abuse will not match exactly those found by other people; it’s about finding your way. But with substance abuse counseling in Altamonte Springs, you can be confident that you’ll have all the help you require in that regard.

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