Substance Abuse Counseling In Casselberry

Substance abuse and drug addiction are currently a societal issue that involves almost every aspect of human functioning. Drug and substance abuse is becoming a complex and pervasive concern with negative consequences. Therefore, substance abuse treatment should involve a myriad of components that cover a wide range of areas. These components should focus on an individual’s drug use and other areas, such as work and family. 

Are you looking for substance abuse counseling in Casselberry? This article will help you understand drug and substance abuse counseling methods and where you can get such services in Casselberry. 

What You Should Know

Do you have addiction issues? Or are you in need of substance abuse counseling? What you need are services that include outpatient programs, such as one-on-one counseling with a certified drug and substance abuse counselor, group counseling, and recovery coaching services.  

Substance abuse counseling is a crucial part of treatment for people struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse counseling is recognized as one of the most effective and crucial steps towards recovery.

As certified substance abuse counselors, we offer guidance and support to help people struggling with addiction on their road to recovery. We use different techniques, including therapy, group therapy, motivational viewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Every technique we use is crucial to helping you identify the root cause of your addiction and motivate you to take action towards your recovery. 

Which Services Do You Need?

Are you struggling with addiction and need substance abuse counseling in Casselberry? You deserve a certified counselor with years of experience in substance abuse and drug addiction counseling. If you want to achieve recovery, here are some of the services you should expect. 

Addiction Counseling

At Promise of Hope Counseling, we offer you and your family certified, proven, and effective substance abuse counseling in Casselberry. Our addiction counseling techniques include motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy. 

Life Coaching

We have life coaches who will help you achieve success on your journey to recovery. Are you struggling with substance abuse and addiction? We offer mentorship and motivational programs to help you develop positive habits, skills, and knowledge. 

Motivational Interviewing 

At Promise of Hope Counseling, we make motivational interviewing accessible to individuals who need a holistic approach to recovery. Motivational interviewing is founded and based on:

  • The collaboration between the patient and counselor
  • Helping the patient figure out what he needs or desire
  • Helping the patient work as an individual towards recovery
  • Empathy and compassion throughout the counseling session

12 Step Program 

We offer substance abuse counseling in Casselberry in the 12 step program. 

Coping Skills 

One of the best steps towards recovery is through coping skills. With years of experience, we have a team of certified drug addiction counselors who will help you get on your way to recovery by developing coping skills to take control of your life. 

Substance Abuse Counseling Services From The Best

At Promise of Hope Counseling, we strive to meet you where you feel most comfortable and empower you on your road to recovery. Do you have any questions or concerns about drug and substance abuse counseling in Casselberry? Please contact us.

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