Substance Abuse Counseling In Forest City

Substance Abuse Counseling In Forest City

Substance abuse issues can be difficult to manage, and can influence individuals in a variety of ways — contributing to things like self-loathing and broken familiar and interpersonal relationships, while at the same time acting as a serious impediment to the accomplishment of valued and uplifting goals.

For many people, the battle against substance abuse issues seems to consist in taking one step forward and two steps back — with periods of abstinence followed by relapse, and the rising and falling of hope and motivation that accompanies that cycle.

Substance abuse counseling is based on the premise that individuals have a much better chance of thriving, of accurately perceiving and overcoming their substance abuse issues, and of moving forward in a positive and consistent manner, with the proper guidance and support.

At Promise of Hope Counseling, we offer Substance Abuse Counseling in Forest City with the aim in mind of helping individuals on their journey to fruitful and consistent growth and self-transformation.

Do I Have a Substance Abuse Problem?

The easiest way of knowing whether or not you have a substance abuse problem is to simply ask yourself whether you have a relationship with a particular substance that undermines your wellbeing or negatively impacts your life in some way, and which you feel compelled to engage in against your better judgment.

There are a number of telltale signs that are typically associated with substance abuse issues, and if you notice any of these in your life, seeking out Substance Abuse Counseling in Forest City might be the right path to take.

Among other things, people with substance abuse problems will often:

  • Exhibit sudden and extreme behavioural changes and become more reclusive
  • Have difficulty attending to everyday responsibilities that weren’t a problem before
  • Experience increased feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Exhibit poor financial management due to substance use
  • Experience pronounced mood swings

How Substance Abuse Counseling May Help

Substance Abuse Counseling in Forest City can help you to move past your harmful relationship with a substance, by creating a supportive environment that helps to foster understanding while simultaneously offering tools and techniques that can be helpful in beating the pattern of behaviour associated with substance abuse.

Three core features of our approach to substance abuse counseling include the following:

  • Evaluation: a process where we investigate the specifics of your substance abuse problem, including how it came about, how entrenched it is, what keeps it in place, and the best forms of treatment to employ in order to beat it.
  • Individual and group therapy sessions: individual and group therapy sessions can help you to experience a greater degree of self-knowledge with regards to your substance abuse issue, while simultaneously helping you to connect and gain perspective through learning about the experiences of others.
  • Relapse prevention: a fundamental aspect of recovery. Our relapse prevention strategies are designed to help you to restructure your life to avoid temptation, and to offer a pathway to living free.

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