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Anybody struggling with any form of substance abuse issue knows how frustrating addiction can be and the toll it can have on your personal and social life. Thankfully, the availability of professional assistance in the form of counseling offers a great way to get the helping hand that may be needed. Counseling helps you communicate what you’re going through, the underlying issues behind your substance abuse and allows your counselor to provide you with the best approach to assist you and put you on the path to a sober lifestyle. 

Each counseling session is unique, as it considers the individual’s reasons behind their substance abuse issue. With Substance Abuse Counseling In Sanford, you can benefit from services that allow any addict to get professional help as an out-patient. This way, you can continue to live your normal life and enjoy a stable routine while receiving professional help.

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse falls into more than one category, based on the substance a person is addicted to. For example, it could describe a situation where someone is struggling to shake off an over-dependence on recreational drugs. It could also mean a person hooked on excessive drinking, even after they have expressed a strong desire to quit. 

Although any problem with substance abuse does not automatically mean addiction, it always offers the potential of becoming one. Once things manifest into something more, it begins to control the person’s life and make them feel unwell anytime their body is denied the substance for a given period. 

How can you determine if someone is struggling with substance abuse?

No matter how hard or how long a person may try to hide their substance abuse, the tell-tale signs will start showing at some point. Chief among them is the strong need to use the substance regularly to get by each day. Here are other signs to look out for:

  • Extreme mood swings
  • Lack of proper money management due to overspending on the substance
  • Increased feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Sudden difficulty to maintain focus on anything
  • A clear and sudden change in behavior characterized by reclusiveness

How can an addict benefit from professional counseling?

Substance abuse counseling seeks one main objective – to assist the patient in identifying what their underlying problems are. To achieve this, counselors employ different forms of counseling, including:

  • Evaluation

We’ll help you get to the root of your problem and why it’s difficult for you to quit. We’ll also identify how far the problem has gone and how best to tackle it.

  • Individual and group therapy sessions

These sessions allow patients to speak about their concerns, listen to other patients’ experiences, and identify similarities. This way, you can easily recognize certain behavior patterns and triggers.

  • Relapse prevention

This session is designed to set your life back to prevent any relapse. At our Sanford clinic, we aim at helping you put your life back in order.

With the help of Substance Abuse Counseling In Sanford, you can find the strength to win back your life and kickstart your journey to complete recovery. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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