Substance Abuse Counseling In Lake Mary

Substance Abuse Counseling In Lake Mary

Addiction is among the most complex areas of mental health. Substance abuse can be challenging to treat. Accordingly, there is much controversy surrounding the best approach for substance abuse and addiction treatment. Are you experiencing addiction issues and want substance abuse counseling in Lake Mary? What you need is a certified substance abuse counselor who can help you on your road to recovery. 

Can therapy help you overcome substance abuse and addiction?

Therapists and counselors who specialize in substance abuse and addiction can help you achieve recovery. Therapy helps you develop coping skills that improve your ability to regain control over your physical and emotional health. 

Our professionals start by exploring the cause of your addiction in the treatment program. Together with the patient, a counselor helps you identify and employ coping strategies. 

Therapy is also crucial in rebuilding relationships, accepting responsibilities, and releasing guilt. With the right counseling and therapy, you can overcome addiction through a myriad of processes. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational viewing are two of the best therapy techniques used to help addicts recover. In most cases, therapy offers supplemental support for people struggling with substance abuse. You can also explore rehab options and inpatient treatment. 

Do you want substance abuse counseling in Lake Mary but fear coming out? It is common to find people who fear getting help due to concerns over legal repercussions. At Promise of Hope Counseling, we prioritize patient privacy and confidentiality. 

The best substance abuse counseling in Lake Mary

Substance abuse counseling comes in many forms. In most cases, it features a combination of treatment and support to help people struggling with substance abuse achieve recovery. Substance abuse counseling is a type of addiction therapy that helps patients overcome addiction independently. 

At Promise of Hope Counseling, we work with patients in our facilities to address behavioral patterns, mental health and explore various treatment options. Our substance abuse counseling in Lake Mary includes:

  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Identifying the cause of substance abuse and addiction
  • Positive coping skills
  • Developing treatment objectives
  • Recommending 12 step programs 


We prioritize your safety in our counseling sessions and facilities above everything else. We start with a comprehensive psychological evaluation before we commence treatment. 

As certified substance abuse counselors, we focus on medical detox before your body can adapt to the changes that lead to recovery. Once you have stabilized and passed your physical addiction, we help you create short term and long term objectives based on the following:

  • Mental health condition
  • Social situation, including family and work 
  • Recovery goals 
  • Your ability to remain sober

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